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Who are we
Aurélien Merville Aurélien Merville
Philippe Nadeau Philippe Nadeau
Frédéric Arens Frédéric Arens
Karina Kaplun Karina Kaplun


Our staff has an average of more than 5 years in the company. The reason for this is that, by actively recruiting the best and the brightest, the company has created a dynamic, motivating and rewarding environment where employee loyalty goes hand in hand with their opportunity to improve and thrive. They are essential and faithful, they are the essence of Alchemic Dream, its driving force and pride.

Who are we

Pioneers & Leaders for over ten years, we have been the premier international provider of services for companies that publish and develop MMOs, virtual worlds, social games, casual games, mobile games and transmedia content. We also provide services to online payment and virtual goods providers. Our services range from localization to customer service, community management, game mastering, risk management and new gaming experiences.

We now have several hundred employees on five continents. Our hiring capacity is very high: we can recruit and train large multilingual teams within a short time frame thanks to our efficient and functional structure, which is the result of our extensive expertise in human resources management.